OHYO collapsible bottle review

I was kindly sent two bottles to review. I gave them to Miss A to review as I don’t really have a drink while out and it is normally a drink that I have bought in a cafe..plus I am not a lover of drinking out of straws (personal choice). So for the past couple of months Miss A has been testing these.

So far she has drunk out of them with no problem at all. They don’t have a valve on them or anything so they are free-flowing but that is a positive thing as I am trying to get away from cups that are non-spill now Miss A is older. You have to make sure that the straw clicks back for the drink to come out properly and sometimes Miss A pushes it forward and wonders why she isn’t getting the drink out properly.

The bottle itself is easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe so that is how we clean ours. There is often water still in the bottle from the dishwasher so I have to rinse it and then dry it properly. It is a little difficult to dry because of the way that the bottle is made. Also getting the lid on when you put the drink in it is a little bit awkward but we have got used to it now. I think these bottles are quite handy as they are collapsible. It means that if we ever forget to pack a bottle for Miss A then we can make sure that there is a collapsed one of these in the bag! So these bottles are quite good! We will be using them for some time yet!OHYO, collapsible bottle, bottle, water bottle, drinking bottle, toddlers drinking


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