My ideal kitchen

As some of you know, we are fully renovating our home and although we have already bought the kitchen units, the kitchen is not finished. We are thinking of completely redoing the layout of the kitchen which involves bricking up a window and turning the back door into a window. This would let start to make our kitchen the ideal kitchen. Ideally we would love to have an extension at the back and turn that into a dining room as currently we have a kitchen and dining room together.

I have an issue with storage, I can never have too much storage. What with a three year old, a baby on the way and pets. I seem to need a lot of things and we really do not have enough storage. At the moment we do not have enough cupboard space in the kitchen. I would love to get everything put neatly away including the ironing board.

I want my kitchen to be child friendly. I would like Miss A to be involved in baking and cooking throughout her life. She would love it. I also, once the rest of the house is sorted or near to being sorted, I would like friends and family over and for them to be comfortable and for us to have room to eat somewhere spacious and pleasant.

At the moment, we have no proper flooring in the kitchen or dining room, only existing and part done tiled floor where the kitchen is. We regret installing tiles, they are hazardous and if you drop something, the thing that you drop breaks instantly! We also have no proper wall coverings  just bare plaster. Some of the walls are not even plastered. We also have no skirting boards so we have so much to do in that room. The ceiling needs to be re plastered as well as we have had several leaks. We also have a unused chimney breast so hopefully that can be removed as well.

We do have plans to do the kitchen soon but we need to be ready for the baby first so at the moment so that is where cash is going. We need to do the baby’s room and to make sure that Miss A is happy when the baby is here. One day  we will have the house done, but in the meantime we just have to deal with it.

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