Munchkin Click Lock Snack Catcher

Miss A received a Munchkin Click Lock Snack Catcher to test. I must say that this product is a lot better than the one we bought last year ( This new version comes with a lid! Oh this proves to be a fantastic addition especially for travelling and if Miss A doesn’t eat all the contents. I think that this product looks better compared to the other one too.

We haven’t used the other snack catcher for a while but we use the new one regularly. It is all because it has a lid! I found that Miss A pulled off the lid of the old one but with this new one,it has a click lock system, so she cannot open it. A fantastic alteration and means that we are huge fans of this product!

From the Munchkin Website:

  • Ideal for feeding snacks to toddler on the go, snacks stay in dispenser and not on the floor!
  • Soft flaps allow toddler to help themselves to snacks but prevents spills on the floor, car seat or buggy
  • Click Lock lid creates a spill proof seal, stopping toddler from opening
  • Hidden under base, soft lid folds up to create a secure fit and keeps snacks fresh when not being used
  • When folded under base, creates a soft handle for child to hold.

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