Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers review

Miss A was sent some Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers to test out.

These letters are made of foam and they grip to the bath and tiles really well. Miss A loves them! They even stick to skin, but obviously don’t hurt! I think these will be a favourite of Miss A’s for a long time yet as at the moment she is too young to spell words so that will come later on, not that there are many words to spell as there are only one of each letter and number. Perhaps that’s the only recommendation I have is for the pack to have multiple numbers and letters or perhaps have an ‘expansion pack’ for when the child reaches the age that they learn to spell and count. Perhaps this pack could have maths symbols as well?

The numbers and letters fit perfectly in the Bath Toy Scoop that we were sent as well, along with the Grippy Dots that we were also sent! The three things make bathtime fun, safer (with the Grippy Dots being on the bottom of the bath) and easier with the use of the Bath Toy Scoop! One thing I will say is like with all foam things, once bitten, you have lovely teeth marks in them forever!

All in all a fun and potentially educational product!

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Miss A prefers the numbers in the bath water!




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