Lizi’s Original Granola review

I was sent a bag of Lizi’s Original Granola to review. I have only had ‘granola’ in a yoghurt before now and not as a cereal so this was going to be an exciting trial! I must admit that this product is rather nice! It certainly makes a nice breakfast. I tried it on it’s own and tried it with raisins added, I prefer it with raisins. It could be a pregnancy thing though as at the moment I need the sweetness.

I visited my local Waitrose and spotted it in there. The only downside is the price of £4.99. I can’t afford to buy it all the time but I will probably buy it now and again, it is really nice.

From the press release:

The reason Lizi’s is different from all other granolas is that her granola has been made so that it has a low glycemic index which means that the natural sugars present in Lizi’s are released slowly ensuring that your blood sugar levels do not increase too rapidly. This means it keeps you going and feeling full for longer! Lizi’s is also great used with other foods as part of a dessert, such as Key Lime Pie or incorporated into a well-known recipe such as flapjacks or stewed apples. Lizi also has some recipes on her website which are of course as G.I balanced, like her granola and they prove to be just as delicious.

Lizi’s granola comes in seven delicious flavours to ensure everybody’s taste buds are catered for, these flavours include; Original, Treacle Pecan, Passionfruit Pistachio, Mango Macadamia, Pink Apple Cinnamon and Belgian Chocolate and Organic. You can also make other oat based snacks with Lizi’s such as flapjacks, which you will be able to say with confidence have the highest quality ingredients in them.

To find out more about Lizi’s Granola visit

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