Haba Rosella Clutching Toy review

Miss A received a Haba Rosella clutching toy as part of Haba’s 75th anniversary. Now to be honest I was a bit worried Miss A was too old for this as she is three and a clutching toy is for children younger than her. However she loves it! She even took it to bed with her for a few nights. Now I am not too sure what benefit this toy has for her but she just likes to rattle it sometimes and hold it. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy!

The toy is well made and is quite pretty. I like the fact that you can rattle it and it has string arms. I am sure that the toy will last a long time, long enough for Miss A to give to the new baby. The fact that it is wooden means that it isn’t going to break quickly.

So I was proved wrong and I am quite pleased that Miss A likes Rosella. Just goes to show how long a toy can last!

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