Haba Come with Us! book review

Miss A was sent as part of the Haba 75th anniversary a Haba Come with us book which includes a magnetic wooden toy that you have to place on the right part of the page. The one received was about learning all about between, next to, behind etc. The story is very cute in this book. It involves a pirate and his monkey.

Miss A loved this book and she loved putting the monkey in the right places. She doesn’t really know where to put the monkey properly but she is learning! She is a lot better at finding the right place than she was when she first received the book.

I love the fact that the little monkey has a place to be stored in the book. I would lose it otherwise or should I say Miss A would lose it! The book is well made and so is the little monkey. The magnet is easily placed on the right area of the page and doesn’t come off on it’s own.

So a fantastic little book that is great for learning about being behind, next to something!

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