Dr Oetker Panebello Deep Bakery Crust Pizza review

We were sent a Dr Oetker Panebello Deep Bakery Crust Pizza to review. The flavour we were sent the Pomodoro Mozzeralla pizza.

I must admit I didn’t taste any of the pizza as by the look of the fat content of the pizza I knew, what with having gallstones, I would end up in hospital. 60% fat with 90% saturated fat, that is way too high for me. I couldn’t risk it as I am pregnant and can’t have the medication I usually have to help ease the horrific symptoms I get when my gallstones are aggravated.

So my fiancé and my daughter had the pizza. My daughter loves any kind of pizza so she liked it. My fiancé said that the pizza was OK but it isn’t anything special. I asked him whether he would buy it and he said no. He found the fat content too high. For one product to have 90% of  your quota of saturated fat is pretty shocking. I think that Dr Oetker needs to try and get this level down a bit for it to sell to anyone that is trying to be marginally healthy. I know pizza isn’t the healthiest food in the world, far from it but I am pretty sure that this is the most fattening pizza that I have had in this house! So unfortunately it isn’t a very positive review from us!

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