A new bathroom – I can dream!

We are in the middle of a full house renovation and we are nowhere near ready to complete the house, there are so many things that need to be done. When we first started the renovation, we decided that we wouldn’t touch the bathroom. We couldn’t afford it and it isn’t something you can do a bit at a time. This is a decision that I regret. I would love a proper bathroom, the one we have must be tens of years old. We moved there four to five years ago. The bath isn’t sealed, the sink is cracked and the toilet is just not nice. The colours are horrible too. How I want to have a nice white bathroom suite!

My ideal bathroom suite is this one: https://www.bathshop321.com/complete-bathroom-suites/modern-bathroom-suites/galaxia-showerbath-suite/. To have a proper shower, with a proper screen is exactly what we need. We have a shower but it can’t be used as the bath isn’t sealed. We have had too many leaks in that area as it is, if we have any more I am frightened that the bath is going to fall through the ceiling! It would be nice to have the option of a shower or a bath. I love my showers and my fiancé and our daughter love their baths! And to have a single tap and not two seperate taps mean that we can have the water at the right temperature instantly!

Here are some pictures of our bathroom and a few of it’s issues. I don’t want to share a full picture of it as I am really embarrassed to.

bathroom, messy bathroom, in need of renovating, bathroom,

Our bathroom as it is.

The tiles are horrific and are not complete and we had to do a line of non-matching tiles near the bath. There are tiles missing from where we removed a very old non-working radiator. Yes there was two radiators in the bedroom! The radiator needs replacing.

I really want a new bathroom that is peaceful but can be fun for Miss A and the new baby (when it arrives). I can’t relax in the bathroom we have. It is too undone and basically horrible. I would love proper storage to store all the toiletries we have, perhaps a proper cabinet on the wall. I would love to have an upright radiator in there too so I will have room to put a proper toilet roll holder, something that I don’t have at the moment.

I can dream!

This is my entry to the Tots100 ‘Win a new bathroom’  competition to win a new bathroom suite. If we are lucky to win this, we could afford to get the dream bathroom that we have been waiting four years for.



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