A great weekend, shame about Sunday though!

The weekend started off really lovely, apart from my hip suddenly giving up while in town, hope I am not getting SPD. On Saturday we went out and had lunch and done a bit of shopping and then in the late afternoon we went for a walk (my hip was better by then) through Avenham Park and went to Frankie and Benny’s. Was lovely! We all enjoyed ourselves, Miss A especially!

Avenham Park, preston, spring, tram bridge, daddy and daughter

Daddy and Miss A, My shadow on the Tram Bridge


I had so many plans for Sunday but none of them happened. I spent over 6 hours in hospital. Sunday morning was going OK until I sat down. Without going into too much detail, I suspected I was leaking amniotic fluid. So I called NHS Direct who told me to get myself to A&E asap, preferably within an hour. I had no phone charged and I had only just got up so no chances of that happening so it was more like two hours. I went on my own, by taxi,  as Miss A would of been bored and I was feeling OK in myself just that particular issue.

I saw the air ambulance take off, first time I have seen the helicopter be there. Was impressive.  However I felt sad seeing it as it was obviously going to somewhere where there is a person in very urgent medical attention. Hope that person is OK.

So I booked myself in with A&E and waited about an hour and they told me to go to primary care. I waited about two hours there and they told me that they suspect it is my amniotic fluid and I am best going to the gynaecology ward to get checked out. So off I went and spent a short time in there before getting checked out and after they ran some tests and fortunately it isn’t amniotic fluid. Thank goodness for that! I was so worried, to say the least! They think it could be an infection and they have taken samples to test and should get the results on Wednesday.

Royal Preston Hospital sign fail!

Royal Preston Hospital sign fail!

I came home and ate cake!


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