Pregnancy update – dating scan.

So today I have been for my dating scan. I was dreading this scan as I have been bleeding on and off for just over a week. It wasn’t the bleeding that I experienced when I had my miscarriage but still concerned me.

However I didn’t need to worry. There is one baby there, heart beating and wriggling! Thank goodness for that! The baby wasn’t playing ball and I didn’t get a good ultrasound picture but at least I got one! The baby is measuring 14 weeks so I have a new due date of the 11th September 2013!

I then went to see the midwife and got told that all is well with my blood and urine sample. I also had a carbon monoxide test and that came back negligible. I have to go for a glucose test. Last time, while pregnant with Miss A, I almost passed out. We shall see what happens this time.

I feel as if I can now relax and not worry. It is a wonderful feeling.

So here is the ultrasound picture, it isn;t a good one as I didn’t have a full enough bladder but I can’t seem to hold my fluid very long and did have to go to the toilet before I should! If you can’t work out what is what, the head is on the right and it is stretched out. It helps if you look at it sideways! It is looking down. It would not move around!

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