Pregnancy diary – weeks 13 and 14

Well I am now 14 weeks pregnant, 15 weeks tomorrow so I thought I would update my pregnancy diary.

Most of the pregnancy symptoms that I had like not being able to eat in the evening and being tired all the time is decreasing. I am able to eat most nights now. Can’t stand our usual veggie burgers though. Had them last night, took a couple of bites and was nearly sick! I am able to keep up way past 10pm now which is great for spending time with my fiancé, it was getting ridiculous!

My cravings are weird, I crave yoghurt at the moment. I craved milk with Miss A. I hope I don’t cause this baby to be cows milk intolerant like Miss A was. She is over it now thankfully and loves milk. I still crave sugary things and am not a lover of savoury. If I eat savoury, it has to have sweet things with it. I hope I don’t end up with gestational diabetes!

I feel so much better after my scan. I was down a few days after. I think I got myself so worked up and worried that everything that happened, be it current or in the past (about things other than pregnancy) seemed to be flooding back to me and getting me down. Could be my hormones but I thought about everything that had happened in the past and couldn’t get them out of my head again! Be it family issues, bad dreams I had, my bicycle accident, miscarriage, everything that was negative came pouring back.  I have snapped out of it and I feel better than ever! Life is too short to dwell on things and the fact that I am helping make a new life is the best time to push all of those ‘experiences’ back where they should be.

I can’t wait for my 20 week scan, I hope that we are able to find out what sex the baby is. With Miss A it wasn’t as easy as she had her legs crossed!

Wow! 15 weeks pregnant…tomorrow! Exciting!

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