Oriflame baby toiletries review

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We were sent three products from the Oriflame Baby Range. We were sent the hair and body wash, talc and the moisturising cream.

I didn’t use the talc on Miss A as I don’t really like using talc on little ones, just my personal choice. I haven’t heard anything negative about using talc but I just don’t like using it. I did use it on myself and it is good and doesn’t smell too fragranced.

The hair and body wash was rather good! The smell was minimal, the thickness was just right to keep on the flannel/sponge. It washed Miss A well and her skin did not react to it at all.

The moisturising cream made Miss A’s skin softer than it usually is. She has dry skin on her legs and arms and although it didn’t get rid of it all, there was a difference!

I love the packaging! Nice and simple. Oriflame has certainly made their packaging  design and products very appealing to parents that like to make sure that the products they use on their little one is natural and pure! It does seem that Oriflame do care about what goes in their baby toiletries!

I think out of all three of the products, I will certainly be buying the new baby the hair and body wash. That is my favourite!

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