Ms Lady Bird Pillow Pet review

We were sent a ladybird Pillow Pet for Miss A to test out.

I am not too sure whether Miss A will be keeping this lovely Pillow Pet as it is so soft and wonderful. I could do with one myself! However Miss A loves it as well so she can have it!

As you can tell from above, we certainly recommend this product. The fact it can be a cuddly toy as well as a pillow means that it is very versatile. Miss A loves it more as a pillow than anything. She sometimes uses it as a proper pillow but mostly sits on it. She sometimes uses it as a ‘horsey’!

The Pillow Pet is so so soft and is so lovely, even just to cuddle! I have been known to sit on the sofa and hug it! So relaxing! The product is well made and I can see it lasting a very long time, both in terms of durability and how long Miss A will use it for. If she ever stops using it, I will be borrowing it until the new baby can use it. I can’t see Miss A getting bored of it and stop using it though.

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Miss A and Ms Lady Bird Pillow Pet

I haven’t had the need to wash this product but it says it is machine washable which is fantastic!

So visit to get your little one something fun and comfortable!

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