Messy Me tunic review – alternative to a bib

We were sent a Messy Me tunic to review in olive grey.

I am rather impressed with this tunic, the fact it is made from oilcloth and is suitable for the occasional machine wash, it is definitely the thing we need with Miss A and her messiness! I do think they need to make sleeves for them, not necessary attached to the tunic but maybe an elasticated sleeve you just put on as Miss A always gets her sleeves dirty and hates having her sleeves rolled up! Maybe an idea for Messy Me?!

This tunic doesn’t prevent Miss A from getting her hands underneath and wiping them on her clothes but no product like this does! I am trying to stop her from doing this, but not having much luck. The tunic washed well and looked as good as new and even though the site says it is suitable for 1-3 year olds, it is going to last a while size wise. I love the colour of it, I picked a neutral colour so that it will do for the new baby when it reaches the right age. The tunic is easy to put on and even though Miss A took it off in a tantrum once, it has stayed on for the rest of the time it has been used.

I think the price of the product is just right. It is likely to look more new after several washes than the other bib type products I have had in the past, the fabric cotton-like ones with the cheap plastic that I have bought before look horrible! They started to look worn after the first wash. this one doesn’t. Plus with the ability to just wipe it down, it is going to last a lot longer anyway! So all in all I am rather pleased with this product!

For information and to buy this product please visit the Messy Me website

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