Life is good!

Life has been put on hold for a few months due to various reasons. There are two main reasons, my troublesome pregnancy and the dog’s separation anxiety. More about Tilly’s separation anxiety can be found at Tilly – separation anxiety. I had some excellent advice on Twitter and message boards.

I have come to a decision that my pregnancy is either going to result in a healthy baby or not regardless of whether I do x y or z so that is not an issue for me any more and in terms of the dogs…well I have informed the neighbours about the situation and have told them that I can’t stay in and they agree. So that is sorted. We went out for the first time as a family at the weekend and it was amazing! I think I care too much about what the neighbours think so have been reluctant to go out at the weekends with my fiance and our daughter. We usually take it in turns to take Miss A out but that was not good for us as a family. I think the dogs are getting better, it helps with a run on the field instead of a walk. Must tire them out a bit!

We have a busy few months, we are going to see some shows, going to see family and also I have lots of exciting plans for Miss A when she isn’t at pre-school. Yes she starts pre-school after the Easter holidays! Scary!

I have a few blogging events to attend as well. Looking forward to these but I need to get some maternity clothes for them as the clothes I have are starting to get tight!

I have lots to catch up on as well. I have a few blog posts half finished and I am in the middle of a massive spring clean. I so need more storage!

So life is rather good at the moment!


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