Ladybird The Garden Gang books – from my childhood!

My parents went through their loft and found a lot of my things that I had as a child and I am so pleased to say that these selection of fantastic The Garden Gang books! They are now a firm favourite of Miss A! She loves me to read them at bedtime!

The books are written by a then 9 year old girl called Jayne Fisher. These were published in 1983! I was one! They are still in good condition, assuming they are thirty years old. I am so pleased that my parents kept them for me to read to Miss A. I am sure these will be read over and over again. Each book contains two stories which are a fantastic length for bedtime.

I wish I had the whole series. I do think I have one more but I think Miss A has hidden it somewhere! Time to see what other books Ladybird publish!

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