Just Googling!

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Miss A has a new hobby. Every morning she wants to sit at the computer in our bedroom and play with the mouse and keyboard, particularly the mouse. She loves it if we turn the computer on so she can make beeping noises and cause her Mummy and Daddy some concern as to whether she will delete something!

Then one day she said to us “Just Googling!”. Someone has been listening to her Daddy! It did make us laugh and that phrase has been said by her a few times now! Of course she is way too young to know what Google and Googling is let alone be able to use the computer to use Google!

We have a wireless keyboard and she has claimed that and she now has a mouse that she pretends is plugged in and she carries them about with her and loves clicking the mouse and ‘typing’! Her Daddy is a web programmer and I can imagine her being very keen to learn what he does. I am not very technically minded but knowing her she will be a blogging web programmer in a few years time!

I do think it is time that she gets a computer of her own, perhaps a tablet so she can use the apps to learn things. She learns a lot from the television and books but I think that if something is interactive like a tablet, she will learn a lot more.

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