Cooking while camping

Well I wanted to cook a really nice meal for this blog post but to be honest I can’t stand much food now I am pregnant.

Pre-pregnancy I would certainly see if I could cook vegetable cannelloni. I love that meal a lot! I can’t stomach it at the moment. I tried to get permission to share the recipe as it is from a cook book but they haven’t responded. I will keep trying and see if I can really is a lovely meal!

I have only been camping once and that is with the Girl Guides. I can’t really remember what kind of food we did eat, my memory is terrible but now if I went camping, what with being vegetarians, meat substitutes especially sausages and burgers will be taken.

So what with me being pregnant, I would have to take the ingredients for sweet and sour ‘stir fry’. I don’t add vegetables in my stir fry at the moment, I just can’t stomach the different textures so I just have noodles with sauce and chicken style pieces. Not the best meal in the world but it is what I crave! It doesn’t look at all appealing either but I must need it!

sweet and sour, stir fry, noodles, quorn chicken style pieces

Sweet and sour ‘stir fry’

I am not too sure whether we will go camping anytime soon. I would be scared of Miss A escaping but maybe when she and the baby (due in September) is older and know not to escape, I am sure we will go camping! I do like the thought of going camping. Wonder if the dogs could come?! I think they would be the ones that will escape first!

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Note: I was sent some lovely Lakeland products for making this blog post. No other payment was given.

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