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I was kindly sent a fantastic book storage solution from bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox. Now this is made with very strong cardboard. I was a little bit suspicious of how long it would last but it has lasted very very well so far! We love it, especially Miss A!

She loves the fact that she can flick through her books and choose the one she wants. I love the fact that if it does break, it can be recycled and another one bought. I have had this for a few months now and is really lasting really well. It isn’t on the floor, it is on top of a unit – that is still accessible to Miss A. It holds quite a few books, which is great as we have quite a few books.

For £13 for one box, you really can’t go wrong. That is fantastic value to help keep your child’s books organised!

The product is made from 80% recycled material, with the remaining 20% coming from fast-growing, renewable softwood forests that are replanted faster than they are used. This pleases me! Even the postage bags that the product comes in are 100% biodegradable!

Brown kraft paper is used as bleaching isn’t very eco. You can decorate your box but I haven’t done mine, I think I will let Miss A do that soon! She will love it! I shall show you all how she decorated it in another blog post.

To find out more and order visit

I know that this is not full but this shows how much space there is and the books are at an angle on the side that looks full so plenty of space!

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bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox – Fantastic book storage!

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