Back to normal – kind of

I have spent some time sorting out the house, visiting family and generally dealing with being pregnant. I have been so tired.

I visited my family at the weekend and got back on Wednesday. It was nice to see my parents (all three of them and my brother and his family. Sad it went so quickly but I was pleased to see my fiance and get back home and home to a new sofa. We now have a three seater, two seater and a single chair! We used to have a three seater but was like a two seater sofa.

I am still pregnant, didn’t get round to doing a week 11 pregnancy diary yet but will probably do that tonight. Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks!

At the moment I am concentrating on giving Miss A a fantastic time before she starts pre-school and trying to rid of the dog’s separation anxiety. I am failing at getting the dogs sorted. Both of them are bad now, not just Tilly. I recorded them yesterday and both of them were noisy, Tyson was barking and Tilly was whining. One day they surely have to get used to being on their own. They won’t have a choice. I am making sure that I go out for half an hour each day and when Miss A starts pre-school I will have to leave them for quite a bit longer. I have told next door and they seem OK with it as long as it isn’t every evening. We hardly go out in the evening as Miss A needs her sleep so it should be OK but it really isn’t nice to hear the recording of them when I get back. It really got me down yesterday as I really did hope that my time at my parents would make them less likely to miss me but they are worse!

Anyway, I have so much to catch up on with my blog, so many posts are sitting in drafts waiting to be finished and pictures added..mostly reviews. Hope Miss A has a nap today, so that I can get them all done! If not I will need to get some matchsticks for my eyes and do them tonight!

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