The best night light ever – Pabobo Lumilove Barbapapa review

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Miss A’s night light!

Miss A is scared of the dark. After weeks of her crying herself to sleep I decided I would ask Twitter and make contact with a few people and the result is that I was kindly sent a Pabobo Lumilove Barbapapa.

This wonderful night light solved everything instantly. Miss A went to sleep almost instantly and she hardly wakes up now. I sometimes forget to charge it and I notice the difference in her having the night light in her room and not having it. Without it she screams when the lights go off and wakes up during the night.

I really am in love with this product, it has made bedtime relaxing and enjoyable again. What is fantastic is that Miss A does not play with it and accidentally switch it off. It belongs at the end of the bed on top of a pile of teddies.

Miss A loves it, she couldn’t be without it! I rarely forget to charge it now but I do tell her when I do forget and she knows she has to be brave but still has an unsettled night without it.

So if your little one is scared of the dark, or even making bedtime a bit more fun and relaxing, I would certainly recommend this magical amazing product. When the new baby is here, I will be buying one for him/her.

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