Pregnancy Diary – Week 10

Well I am 10 weeks pregnant. I am having some cravings this week, melon and doughnuts!

I am still tired, I haven’t got much energy to do much at all but it is slowly getting better.

I got stressed last week, I found out that the midwife may of failed to refer me to the hospital. I had to go to the doctors to get it sorted and I still haven’t heard anything. So I feel really sad about this. Ideally I could of done with an early scan as I really am not doing well with this pregnancy, mentally. I am so frightened to get excited about it. I almost cried while on the phone to the receptionist when she told me that I hadn’t been referred. Today I have tried to contact the hospital to see whether they have received my referral and whether I can have an early scan. I am getting some pain and one other thing that is causing me some concern. I don’t think I am miscarrying, not at all. But it isn’t making me feel excited to be pregnant.

Once I have this first scan, I am sure I will feel a lot better and it means that I can announce it to the people that I know. I haven’t done that yet. The only people that know are my and my fiancé’s immediate family and people that read my blog/follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I announced the last pregnancy on my Facebook profile and I did regret it a bit.

Not much has changed this week apart from the new cravings. I have had both melon and doughnuts for the past two days. I need to stop eating the doughnuts now as they can cause my gallstones to make themselves known. I really fancy some Goody Good Stuff sweets but can’t find them anywhere.

Hopefully by the time I write next week’s diary I should have a scan date! Fingers crossed!


  1. Kara says:

    Try not to panic, they wouldn’t scan me either lovely and I had had 2 M/C’s – the problem is they are so common that they don’t see it as a need, so sad. You are only 2 weeks away from big scan day which is not long at all. If not there are ways of getting an early scan I know of xxxx

    But the cravings are a good sign, so embrace them, you will feel so much better when you see your bundle xxx
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    • kelly says:

      If I didn’t have the pain and the other thing, I would feel better. But because I have some pain (not constant but enough) then I am slightly worried. But I don’t particulary want to go down the getting a doctors appointment to get a referral to the early pregnancy assessment unit.

      I have got through to them and my booking appointment is on the 21st. Not sure what date that will make my scan then, probably the week after.

      Thanks for being so lovely. I hope that this week goes quickly for the both of us x

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