My first scan

Well today I had my first scan. Not a routine scan..far from it. Yesterday I suddenly didn’t feel pregnant and even though I woke up this morning feeling queasy and had sore boobs, it soon went. So I thought it was best that I spoke to the doctor about it. She then referred me to EPAU (early pregnancy assessment unit) who saw me this afternoon and they sent me for an ultrasound. My goodness I will never ever get used to having a full bladder.

During the scan I was told that the baby’s heartbeat was beating fine and was measuring 9 weeks and six days. I knew that the date would change because they told me that this would happen when I told the midwife that I didn’t have a period after my miscarriage. It was having a good wriggle, being told this made me cry. I was so worried. I was expecting the worst.

Was then sent back to EPAU and they gave me the scan picture and told me that all was well apart from I had a 28 x 6 x 11mm dark patch just outside the sac. They said it was blood, so I need to expect there to be some brown blood or none at all. I have to go back to the doctors if I bleed red blood. I googled this (this is terrible to do most of the time, but not this time) and it seems that this is called subchorionic bleeding…I think.

I am pleased that I had the scan as it reassured me and made me rather happy. Plus I can now expect some bleeding, I would of been in a worse position if I had not known about it coming, mentally!

So here is my first scan picture..9 weeks and six days!

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First scan


    • kelly says:

      I am very pleased to get one! It was horrible my OH not being there due to him being at work and it being a bit of a rush. Thanks for leaving a comment x

  1. Joanne Dodd says:

    I had a sac of blood on my 4th that kept filling and bursting. I bled 3 times on him and it was too bright red and lots of it so please don’t panic too much if you do see bright red blood because it is not always bad news. My son is living proof xx
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    • kelly says:

      This has really reassured me thank you so much for commenting. I really do appreciate it. I am glad that it all was ok for you and your son.

      I bled throughout with Miss A, she was OK too. Although only once it was a lot.

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