Have snow all year long!

I felt really guilty not taking Miss A out for a proper play in the snow. We didn’t have much but we had enough. I was just frightened in case I fell over. Being pregnant this time has made me frightened to take any risk. So when I found a recipe for fake snow I was literally jumping for joy! This recipe is from the lovely @cherriemayhem who blogs at Woman, Wife and Mum

The recipe is really simple but is fantastic! It’s 2 cups of cornflour to third of a cup of vegatable oil and some silver glitter. Mixed all together makes the most fantastic snow like texture! I love it and so does Miss A who spent a good 3/4 of an hour playing with it. She only stopped to have some lunch! Plus I made it in a big plastic box so it can last a while before I feel it should be thrown away. Costs very little to make and makes little ones very happy!

Here are some pictures of Miss A having fun with her snow!

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