For Matilda Mae

Last weekend I heard some terrible news. One of the bloggers that I follow lost her nine month old daughter very suddenly.

Even though I do not know Jennie from Edspire personally, we have never met, I am still affected by what happened and so I am dedicating this blog post in memory of her daughter, Matilda Mae. If you visit Jennie’s blog you can see how wonderful that lady is.

There are no words that I can say to make Jennie feel better but I just want her and her family to know that I have been thinking of them ever since I found out.

If you can spare some pennies then click here, to help raise money for Bliss. Jennie’s older twins were born prematurely. Such a fantastic cause!

I didn’t know what to do to show that I care so the other night I lit this sparkly candle and thought of Jennie and her family.


The blogging community has been deeply affected by what has happened and I am so proud to be part of this wonderful community. I have met online and even some in person so many wonderful people. Jennie is certainly one of them.


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