Trunki Travel ToyBox review

We were sent a pink Trunki Travel ToyBox to review.

I must admit, I am very impressed with this toybox as it has solved a problem we had. Miss A has many colouring books, sheets of papers etc. I have never ever been able to keep them in a nice state as Miss A has constant access to the room that they are in. Now with the help of the Trunki Travel ToyBox, I am able to store these items safely and I can get them out as and when. It means that they can stay in the play room where they belong. I know that a normal storage box serves this purpose but they are not very attractive!

Obviously the Trunki Travel ToyBox makes a fantastic box for normal toys. I am just using it for what is best for us. As you can see, it stores a lot of papers!  I am so pleased that I thought of putting Miss A’s colouring books and papers in there. They were getting damaged and spread all over the place.

I think the whole idea about the toybox is that it makes tidying fun for the child, maybe I should just get one and use the Trunki Travel ToyBox to do just this as Miss A is terrible for not tidying up after herself. She is messy too. She is getting better with age but still!

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Trunki Travel ToyBox

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