Tired but feel great!

Well I am 7 weeks pregnant (although this could all change when I have a scan as I don’t think the first day of the miscarriage is accurate) and I feel rather good but rather exhausted. I feel like I am getting a cold but I have felt like this for a week and no cold has developed.

Tilly is settling in really well, she has been here two weeks now and she is absolutely adorable. She is so loving towards everybody. She still loves Miss A and she watches her all of the time and they way they play ball together is lovely! Noisy but lovely. Miss A gets so excited when she plays with her and so does Tilly.

I have decided not to do the Project 365 and instead do a Project 52 (a photo a week) as due to the fact that I am pregnant, I can’t commit to taking a photo every day. At the moment I am too tired to. There has been a few days that I have forgot.

I have my first midwife appointment on the 23rd, I am certainly doing better than I did last month. I am still not getting too excited yet, not until I have my first scan.

I will hopefully get used to this tiredness soon but in the meantime I am taking it easy, especially with this snow and ice about.


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