Tilly, Tyson and Miss A!

As you know from a previous post, we have a new addition to the family. Tilly the Jack Russell! Tilly is two years old and I don’t think she is the stereotypical Jack Russell. She is so loving and calm and she is really good with our dog Tyson and more importantly Miss A. My statement on Twitter says it all…

“Tilly has settled in well! I hope she never changes! I am so pleased to have another dog!”

My fiancé was literally jumping for joy when we were told that we can have her.

I am enjoying getting to know her and so is the others. As I type this, my fiance is on his way home and will be meeting her soon. Here are a couple more pictures of her:

jack russell, border collie cross dalmatian, children

Tilly with Miss A and with Tyson

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