Pregnancy number three!

After my miscarriage last month I am now pregnant again. I had a strong positive a few days ago and got it confirmed last night.

I don’t want to keep it a secret as that’s not how I really work. What will be will be. I am thinking positive. The tests have been stronger than last month so that is good news. I am not 100% sure when the baby is due, due to the fact that I have got pregnant straight after a miscarriage. The lady at the family planning clinic said they use the first day of the miscarriage as the starting point which means, according to her, the baby will be due on the 8th September.

So this week, not only I have a new dog, I have found out that I am pregnant again! Talk about exciting times.

Extra tall stair gates are on the shopping list. So far Tilly has proved to be such a loving dog. She is loving to everyone. She loves Miss A, a lot! Such a happy little dog too! Whines a little when away from me though, but that is improving over time.

I am one happy person at the moment!


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