Q Score has partnered with roadtohealth to launch a new online tool that asks a series of questions and delivered a personalised, clinically-aligned programme of advice designed to improve anyone’s mental and physical health in just 12 weeks as well as a Q Score of 1-100 which rates you on your personal health. This Q Score is in line precisely with UK clinical references and guidelines. You can register for free and take the survey at

Well I have just used the online tool and I must say I am not sure about the results. They say that I am one step away from being healthy. I reckon I have typed in the wrong thing or ticked the wrong box! I may be pregnant but I certainly should be failing more in the health department than what it suggested. It says that I have a Q59. This score is out of  100 so I am obviously not anywhere near the optimum health but I really thought it was going to be in the 30s!

I quite like the health tool and I am sure that when I change my ways a little, obviously depending on the pregnancy, I can go back and redo the health tool to see if anything has changed.  This tool gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself to change your ways and improve your health and if you see your score increase, this will help!

This year, once the weather gets a little better, I am going to go out every day. I already take the dogs for a walk but need to do more. I am trying to work out ways to eat healthier and have a more varied diet.

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