Our trip to Blackpool Zoo

blackpool zoo, children, zoo, wild animals, animals

I love this picture!

We were sent a family ticket to go to Blackpool Zoo.

We did have a good day and Miss A was amazed with the animals, in particular the giraffes and elephants.

blackpool zoo, zoo, elephants, giraffes

One thing that was a bit sad was that there were only a handful of people there. There was also no staff checking you in or anything, the doors were open and another family just walked in so we would have got in for free that day anyway. I have no idea if this is normal when it is winter, did seem very odd and a little bit wrong. There were no staff in the shop so we couldn’t get Miss A any merchandise. We did manage to get one of those penny coin things where a machine embosses a design on a penny that you put in.

We will hopefully be going to the zoo again but when the weather is warmer. It was rather cold that day and the fact that it was almost empty, did give the zoo a bit of a negative atmosphere.

Most of the animals were indoors so taking pictures was quite difficult. It was very cold that day so that’s understandable.

Blackpool Zoo, zoo, animals, wild animals

A new life!

I loved the fact that they had an area for standard farm type animals. I loved the huge pig! The donkeys were very cute too!

The highlight of the visit was seeing Miss A’s face when she saw the elephants, I don’t think she was aware of how big they were, I forgot how big they were too!

Miss A had a fantastic time, her first time to the zoo. It was the first time I had been since I was a child. I loved going to the zoo. I have some fond memories of the zoo so hopefully Miss A will too. We shall go again in a year or so and we will make sure that the weather is warmer.

The picture on the very top of this blog post is how Miss A was for most of the day. All smiles and full of excitement. She did get a little bit upset because she wanted to see the elephants now and not later, but they were the other side of the zoo so she had to wait a while.

Here are some pictures:

blackpool zoo, zoo, wild animals, animals

blackpool zoo, zoo, animals, wild animals

I just noticed that there are two pictures of the red panda. Well it took absolutely ages for us to see it, so I don’t care. That was the highlight of my fiancé’s day as he really wanted to see it and he got rather disappointed that he couldn’t see it but I think it was hiding in that tree all along! So that picture can stay duplicated! I don’t really have a good enough picture of anything else, unless you want to see two tortoises being all loved up! 😉 Had to happen when we were there and of course I had to take a photo! I won’t put it on my blog post as it is supposed to be a family friendly blog! 😉

I was able to go to the zoo thanks to Tots100 and MoneySupermarket vouchers site

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