Mu Cheese review

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MU Cheddar Cheese

A little while ago we were sent a few products from the Mu cheese range

We received a block of mature cheddar, a block of mild cheddar, 100% Cheddar Patz and 100% Cheddar Sticks.

All but one of the range was enjoyed by Miss A. The cheddar sticks were not something she liked. I have no idea why as they are just cheddar. Perhaps she didn’t like the shape? Strange child! I think the Cheddar Patz are brilliant! They can be used for so many things and Miss A liked the shape of them.

I think the whole range is great. The fantastic packaging makes them attractive to children. Miss A loves cheese but she loved the packaging too.

The calcium levels seem good, which is great for a growing child. Miss A used to be intolerant to cows milk but now she has grown out of it and this pleases me as she loves cheese, she certainly loved this cheese. I used most of the mild cheddar as a snack for Miss A with her sandwich. She now always asks for peanut butter sandwiches and a piece of cheese. I obviously try and vary her lunches but the amount of times she hasn’t eaten something because she wanted this!

I would certainly recommend the Mu cheese range and so would Miss A!

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