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Miss A multitasking with her Micro Scooter

Miss A recent;y received a Micro Scooter to review. Now to be honest we haven’t had a chance to properly test it outdoors due to the weather, illness and the Christmas period but she uses it indoors. After Miss A gets used to using the scooter outdoors I will provide a more in-depth review.

Miss A loves her scooter! She was so pleased to receive it and it could be the solution to her being so slow moving while we walk the dogs, once she gets used to it. Somehow she knew exactly what to do to get the Micro Scooter moving. These scooters for children are certainly well-built and if the scooter does get broken at all, the fact that you can buy spare parts and very nice accessories for them, is fantastic!

The weather here is still damp and horrible, has been for days but as soon as it picks up and gets warmer I will make sure she goes on the scooter. I am sure that she will love it as much as she does using it indoors, probably more!

So if, like us, you have a very slow moving child whilst walking the dog or simply to get your child more active and enjoy the outdoors more, then certainly consider a Micro Scooter.

I am looking forward to seeing Miss A get used to using the scooter and seeing her get out and about. I can see it being used quite a lot once we are better and when the weather is better. The weather always gets in the way when we want to do something!

For more information please visit https://www.micro-scooters.co.uk. I think I shall have to get a few accessories for her. I think her Micro Scooter will be used for some time!



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