Dr Beckmann products review – stain removal

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I received a selection of Dr Beckman products review.

I received Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover. This is very good! It gets rid of stains rather well. My dog is sometimes sick when he is hungry or if he eats something that is hot and this product deals with it really well. The fact that you can wash the sponge is great. It means that any dirt or debris is simply washed away. Easy carpet stain removal!

Also received was Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Kids Stains Kit. This is a box of three stain removal solutions that remove a number of common stains that children get on their clothes. The stains include Baked beans, bolognaise sauce, caramel, chilli sauce, chocolate, cooking sauce, curry, gravy, salad dressing, spices, soya, tomato ketchup, tomato puree, ballpoint ink, chalk, coloured crayon, felt tip, finger paints, gel pen, highlighter pen, ink, ink roller pad, pencil, PVA glue, stamp pad ink, washable glue, wax crayon, body lotion, clay, eyeliner pencil, foundation, grass, lipstick, make-up, mascara, mud, play dough, play sand, pollen, toothpaste and water colours.

Now at first I thought that these stain removers were useless. They didn’t get the stains out at all. But then I used them the second time and they almost got all of the stain out. The third wash it was completely gone. These were old stains, stains that had been washed in. The stains that are fresh, they have no problem in removing.

I also received Dr Beckmann Non-bio stain remover. You put one sachet in the washing machine drum. Now these didn’t get rid of the stains that I had but they made them lighter and made the washing smell rather nice. The stains were a little old so that may of been why it didn’t work..

I also received a dishwasher Service-It Deep Clean. I obviously can’t see the results of this product as the dishwasher is clean but I understand that it is good to service appliances now and again so I will recommend this product.

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