Dear Zoo Lion in Carry Case and dinner set review

Miss A is a huge fan of Dear Zoo and I was so excited to receive a Dear Zoo Lion in a carry case and a dinner set for her. Both products are very well made and is certainly loved by Miss A.

The dinner set is ceramic and I am so frightened that Miss A is going to break it so I rarely give it to her at the moment. She has only used it a couple of times, maybe I should only use it for special occasions for the time being as she is still very clumsy and tends to drop things.

The lion in the carry case is fantastic! I love it and so does Miss A but it isn’t often in the carry case, other things are! That is just typical of Miss A. She has several bags and boxes and I find allsorts in them. She often puts things that are not mean’t to be touched by her in them. We spent ages looking for her Daddy’s phone and it was in one of her bags! Good job it wasn’t broken as it is a works phone!

I have taken a look at the Dear Zoo online shop and I shall have to get her a melamine set so she can use them every day. I may have to add to Miss A’s bag collection as well! 😉

Now my photos don’t do the products justice so here are pictures of the products received:

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