Corolle Doll review

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Miss A was sent a Mini Corolle Doll. Miss A has only really just started to play with dolls. She carried it about with her the day she got it but she didn’t do anything with it. But now she has been brushing her ‘teeth’, giving her a drink, taking her hairband off (and asking to be put back on again). We need to get the doll a brush to brush her hair as it is all messy due to Miss A playing with it. This doll joins her teddies and things that are on her bed, her choice!

This little doll is very pretty. I like the painted shoes! I am very pleased that Miss A is getting into playing with dolls etc. I love the size. At eight inches tall, it is a lovely little doll, fantastic for taking on your travels. I wonder if there are clothes available? Miss A would love to be able to dress her! She has started to partly undress her dolls. I used to do that with my dolls, apparently. Hope she wants to dress them rather than just take their clothes off!

I think this doll is well made, it certainly is loved by Miss A.

corolle doll, corolle, dolls, children



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