8th January 2013 – Chinchillas (8/365)

As well as dogs we have two chinchillas. They are both getting old now but just as lively and destructive as ever. Every night I (mostly) or my fiancé sit in the bathroom to let them have a bit of a run around. It is the only place where they won’t escape and where we don’t care what damage they cause. So here is Missy and Whitey. I did have to cheat and make a collage of the pair as they are never together for long while out!

Rubbish picture of Missy but hey ho she wouldn’t keep still!

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Missy and Whitey


  1. donna bird says:

    aww they are so cute. I used to have two grey chinchillas before we had the children. They are lovely little animals. My daughter would love one now. Having two however did produce alot of poop lol

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