The dummy has gone!

Three nights ago, I decided that enough was enough and now was the time that Miss A would give up her dummy for good. She was chewing holes in them and quite frankly she is getting too old for them.

I decided that the best way to do this was to tell her to leave them in the bin for Santa to collect to give to a newborn baby and on Christmas day she will get extra presents for being a big brave girl. She also received a Tangle Teaser Magic Flower pot in exchange for doing this too. She done it willingly and was happy doing this!

She woke up several times the first night but I was in agony with gallstone pain so I was up anyway. The night after was TERRIBLE! She took hours to go to sleep and kept waking up screaming. It turns out she was starting to get a cold so probably felt quite ill.

Last night was AMAZING! Even with a cold, she went to sleep without crying and she only woke up at 2:30am and that was after a bad dream. She woke at 6:30am but she was happy to keep in bed until 7, I was exhausted from the day before so couldn’t manage to get out of bed just yet..not until the alarm went off!

I am so proud of her, she hardly ever mentions the D word!

Wonder what tonight will bring?!


  1. notmyyearoff says:

    Wowwwww I really admire you, Z has just turned 2 and still loves them. I really detest them now because he’s always losing them then wanting them and then I’m on my hands and knees hunting and he bites them too so we go through about a million a month. He’s fine when he’s outside but its when we’re cosy at home he needs it as a comfort thing. I keep half heartedly trying…and failing to get rid!
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