Pregnancy update: not so good news.

Well yesterday, a day after announcing my pregnancy to the world, I spent hours in hospital after signs of an infection. I will put at the bottom what the signs were, for people searching the internet for answers that I couldn’t really find.

I phoned NHS helpline and they put me through to primary care. They asked me to come in and get checked and I got sent to the gynaecology ward with the possibility of a pelvic infection and negative pregnancy test. The outcome at the gynaecology ward was a faint positive pregnancy test, bloods taken, confirmation of what my symptoms were (explained below) and swabs taken.

Since going to the hospital my bleeding has increased. All I can say is not very nice words! Can’t believe that I could lose this baby already. Talk about dangling the carrot and possibly snatching it away from me. I done a pregnancy test this morning, it is a faint positive, not as clear as the one taken when I announced my pregnancy. It is still there though. Also I have my blood tests back, I have a hcg of 33. Very low. So maybe I am losing it. I think I am. I am to have another blood test on Wednesday, so Wednesday night I will know for definite what is happening.

Do I regret telling people? No way! This proves that pregnancy isn’t easy going and not always results in a healthy baby. I got one step closer to being able to have a child. That I am rather grateful for.

Symptoms that made me go to hospital are a bright yellow discharge with a speck of blood.


  1. Kara says:

    Huge hugs sweetie, I feel awful after releasing my news, I am sorry to say I was were you were only a few months ago, so hold that hope, have they not done an internal scan ? I have had those symptoms in this pregnancy too, I am still panicking when I go for the scan in a couple of weeks. Huge hugs, wish more I could say xx
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    • kelly says:

      Don’t you even say that! I am so chuffed for you. I LOVE hearing people get pregnant, even today! Even more so. I am OK, I really am. I am so chuffed to even get pregnant. I thought I never would! No internal scan done because of the very low hcg levels. I can’t wait to read about your journey. Try not to worry about the scan. Easier said than done I know! I hope all goes well. You have two wonderful children. I think they are both lovely! You are lovely too! x

  2. Katie Vyktoriah says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this, lovely, but you seem to have a good attitude about it. There’s still some hope, but if it is a confirmed loss, it is still good to know that you were able to get pregnant and may even find it easier to do so again quickly. I’m thinking of you and sending out lots of positive energy for you and your family. xx
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