Pregnancy update: Miscarriage

Well as you can tell from my previous posts. I was happily pregnant, I then started to develop some issues and today it has been confirmed I have miscarried. I have had two days to prepare for this so I feel OK. Of course I am disappointed but life has to go on and I have an amazing daughter. There is always another month. I am still young and have plenty more months to conceive that very much wanted second child!

I am going to try to conceive straight away, so will be using those fantastic Clearblue products again. They are really good!

I would like to say thank you to my family, friends and my Facebook and Twitter friends. Your messages/tweets of support mean a lot to me. I have no regrets in telling people early. None at all. I know some people keep it to themselves until the 12 week scan but at the end of the day, these posts could help someone.

One thing I did find when I was searching the internet about these things initially is that people hardly ever came back to the question on a forum or a question on the Yahoo thing and said what happened in the end. Well I have! 😉

So hopefully in a few months time, I will be able to tell you that I am pregnant again! Here’s hoping!



  1. Zoe L says:

    Sorry to hear this, but I’m guessing it’s what you thought anyway. Least you’ve had the two days to get your head around it. Hope you get your BFP soon enough afterwards. Glad you have come back with an answer and allowing others in a similar situation to share this with you.
    Good luck for future conceiving and enjoy your little girl for now.
    Big Hugs
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  2. natalie e says:

    bless you. it is so hard to lose a baby when you want one so badly. i have a 7 year old son with my ex husband, i met someone new, we wanted children, i conceived very quickly, but sadly our son was stillborn at xmas 2009, we tried again and i fell pregnant again and sadly our daughter was also stillborn at xmas 2010, we tried again (even though people told us not to) and we now have a healthy beautiful 10 month old son. my motto is never give up!! and always think positive!! xx

  3. Katie Vyktoriah says:

    Really sorry to hear it confirmed, but so glad to see you have a good attitude about it. These things sometimes happen and are out of our control.

    As for telling people early, I’ve never understood why it’s an issue. I got a lot of heat on both of my pregnancies for announcing it so early (6 weeks the first time and 4 weeks the second time!), but I’ve always said that if the worst happened, and I lost the baby, I’d rather that people knew why I was upset and were able to give me a bit of support during a tough time.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys that you’ll get a sticky little bean soon!
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  4. Red Rose Mummy says:

    So sorry to hear this, I’m very glad you can see the positive though. Fingers crossed for another BFP very soon xxx

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