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I would like to make you aware of a not-for-profit organisation called Saying Goodbye. I was to introduce them before I got pregnant, before I miscarried. I thought that the services that Saying Goodbye provides are amazing. Now I understand what it is like to miscarry. I have been rather brave about it all. Today has been a bit of a bad day. My fiance had two days off. Today he is at work. I am struggling a bit. Anyway enough of me and more of Saying Goodbye.

Saying Goodbye is an International Organisations offering Support & Remembrance Services (at cathedrals & minsters) – Saying Goodbye  is for anyone who has lost in pregnancy, at birth or in early years.

Their mission is to give support to all those who need it – whether they have personally lost a baby or are supporting someone who has lost. They offer both support & Saying Goodbye services for all who have lost a baby in pregnancy (however early the loss was), at birth or in early years.

Saying Goodbye has brought to the UK the FIRST NATIONAL SET of Services – All services take place at cathedrals & minsters, as these venues are a fitting tribute to all babies that have been lost.

Saying Goodbye is for all parents who carried a child, but did not get to meet them. For those who held their baby, but did not take them home, & for those who did take their little ones home, but they did not stay.

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Please take the time to listen to this audio clip..

Saying Goodbye on BBC Radio 4 Womans Hour

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