Thinking of Kerry

I cannot let this day go by without mentioning who has been on my mind a lot today. Even thought I have never met Kerry at Multiple Mummy, I have chatted to her online several times.

Kerry suffered a brain haemorrhage earlier this year and is still in hospital fighting. To keep up to date with Kerry’s progress then please visit her blog

I am not sure what to say, other than I am thinking of Kerry and her family quite a lot. Often looking for updates on how she is. I hope that one day Kerry is back blogging again..hopefully very soon. At 10pm tonight I will be thinking of Kerry more than ever as that is the time that us bloggers and whoever else that wants to pray/send positive thoughts for/to Kerry.

I really really do wish Kerry is better soon

There is a Twitter hashtag of #Healing4Kerry so you can follow that too.

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