The thought of driving

There will be a time where Miss A will need to go places and do things that involve me taking her to groups, classes or whatever else she wants to do after school and at the weekends.

This worries me somewhat. I can’t drive.

I had lessons when I was younger and to be honest I either had a rubbish tutor or I was no good at it. I have not had a need to drive since those lessons. I had to stop having lessons as I moved to Oxfordshire for a month. In Preston, you don’t really need a car, unless you have children.

I now have Miss A. I have a dog and we are spending a fortune on deliveries of sand, cement and anything else.  Plus if Miss A get’s ill, but not ill enough for an ambulance, or if our dog gets ill…what on earth am I going to do!

So it looks like I have to learn to drive. This scares me. I had a bicycle accident in 2006 where a van swerved into me, I chipped my vertebrae in a few places, broke my hand, damaged my coccyx, smashed my teeth and was very grazed and bruised. I have only really got used to being on a bicycle again. To drive makes me worry. I am much safer in a car than I am on a bicycle but I don’t like the thought of me being the one that could cause an accident. Basically I don’t want to hurt someone the way that I was hurt. I have to overcome this fear, I know. But how?!

I don’t want Miss A to miss out on anything. I want her to do what she wants to do and I want to be there for her when she needs me. So I have to drive.


  1. Jen aka The Mad House says:

    You can do it. I did. I learned to drive at 33 when I was pregnant with Mini. I didn’t want to learn, it scared me, but I found a great instructor that I clicked with and he taught me to pass my test and then he took me out and we did some advanced lessons. I have been driving for nearly 7 years now and wouldn’t be without it

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