The powers of spiritual healing..I am not so sure.

Me and Miss A was in Preston, eating a portion of chips on Saturday (sssh don’t tell Daddy!) and I was sitting on a bench near the Harris Museum where I noticed there were a line of chairs and a group of people surrounding this man. They were a group of what I assume are what you call spiritual healers. They all had a hand on this gentleman’s shoulders and spent a long time with him.

I am not too sure whether this gentleman paid for the service being given, I didn’t really want to watch as even though I am doubtful that this kind of healing works, it is a personal thing and I am sure that if I was in absolute agony or seriously ill I would try anything to get better.

As said I am doubtful that this type of ‘healing’ works. I have never been healed by this way before, only by medical intervention and through healing naturally. I hope for the people that are seeking this type of healing and possibly paying for it, that it does work. To be seriously ill and have to pay for something that doesn’t work makes me go cold.

Remember I don’t know much about this issue but it is something that has been on my mind since seeing this on Saturday. Have you been healed by a spiritual healer? Or are you a spiritual healer?

Does it work?

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