Rocket play tent review

We were sent a Rocket Play Tent to review.

This tent is very good and Miss A loves it. Be prepared to spend ages putting it up if you don’t have or can’t use an electric screwdriver. I hate using an electric screwdriver so it took me forever and in the end my fiance finished it. I am rubbish at putting things together so don’t let that put you off but it was a bit of a nightmare. It is done now and we now have a fantastic play tent for Miss A to play in.

She loves it. She spends a lot of time in it and often wants her daddy to join her. Our dog seems to love it too. I have caught him in there several times!  The fabric is quite thick, which is great as Miss A is a terror for throwing things and hanging off things. The poles are made from natural wood which are connected with plastic. A simple but appropriate construction. Each pole needs to be screwed in both ends so there are a lot of screws to put in.

Ignoring the construction part, this is a fantastic play tent and should give Miss A hours of enjoyment. She wanted a rocket tent and if we have a boy next, it will fantastic for him! Or have another girl that loves The Rhyme Rocket!

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Rocket Play Tent

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