Miss A – Scared of the dark

Well it seems that Miss A is now scared of the dark.

This saddens me as she never used to have a problem. She has a night light, but it isn’t very bright. So now I need to think of ways to help her overcome this issue. She sleeps with the door shut as she doesn’t like noise. So keeping the door open isn’t really an option, I don’t think.

She did make me laugh the other night when she said “My eyes have gone dark!” Bless her!

I hope this is just a phase she is going through but only time will tell. I do think it is a little bit cute, but it isn’t very nice seeing her scared. I remember that I needed the landing light on when I was a child so maybe it is a common thing? Just need to think of ways to overcome this issue.

So any advice and/or recommendations would be appreciated. I am not too sure what to do to solve this issue. She got so sad last night, she kept saying “Light on, light on!” She did fall asleep eventually but it took two hours and a few cuddles to settle her.


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