Kelloggs Special K Biscuit Moments Strawberry review

When I received a big box of strawberry Special K Biscuit Moments, I was pleasantly surprised. I do like products like these but I was not sure on having a biscuit with a strawberry filling. I didn’t need to doubt. I think that these biscuits are fantastic! I love them and I am afraid to say that they are nearly all gone, and I didn’t share them with anybody. These were my Miss A is asleep..let’s relax treat!

The picture on the box shows a thick filling, but inside it isn’t that thick BUT the flavour is just enough! Two biscuits for 98 calories? Well that is good. Now let’s have a look at the fat content.. 2g of which 0.8g of which saturates. Not bad at all. I am quite satisfied after eating a  pack of these, especially with a cup of tea!

These biscuits come in a box of 5 packs and each pack has 2 biscuits that in total weigh 25g. They are suitable for vegetarians. There are also a blueberry variety. I love strawberry so I am pleased I was sent the strawberry variety! Now they are almost gone..I am going to have to get my fiance to get some more!

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Kelloggs Special K Strawberry Biscuit Moments



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