Hope some of my dreams do not come true!

I have had vivid dreams for ever since I can remember. Some are good and some are frightening.

At the moment I dream of my dad a lot. Not how he is now, but as he was when he was younger. I dream of being on holiday with him and being to places that I don’t know of. I suppose with him being ill in hospital, of course I will dream of him. I suppose it is me wishing he was younger again and a lot more healthy than what he is at the moment. The dreams about my dad are always pleasant. But these seem to be the only ones.

I have had dreams, or should I say nightmares of things happening to Miss A. I want to forget about those dreams so I am not even going to talk about them. I have had dreams about my infertility. Basically last night I dreamed that I had to have my ovaries and womb removed due to something that they found on the ultrasound. Why on earth do I dream about things like this?! It is crazy and horrible!

I wish I didn’t dream at all. I just want a nice peaceful sleep and be refreshed for the morning. Obviously if Miss A wakes me, that’s OK!


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