Home renovation: The living room – work in progress

Well I am pleased to say that the living room is coming along nicely! We are getting the last bit of plastering done this Friday and then we are going to be installing the floor and skirting board.

We have so much to buy. We need a new sofa as the one we have isn’t big enough for us let alone any guests! We need to buy wood for our cabinets which are potentially going to either look absolutely amazing or terrible. We have so many ideas for these cabinets and have spent ages researching them. I think they are going to have wooden tiled-like sliding doors with a chunky worktop on the top. We want them to have lighting under the worktop as well. I can’t wait for the structural work to be done so that I can ‘help’ out with the furnishings! I am rubbish at DIY. I am amazed at how much R can do!

We are also potentially be getting a vertical radiator. We need the bay window for storage/seating. I did almost faint when I saw the prices of those but it will be all worth it, especially with the bay being used properly!

I think I need to make sure that R gets some new tools as I think his woodworking tools are quite rubbish! Especially if he is the one to make these cabinets!

We did have a problem with the bay window, the mortar in the brickwork had all disintegrated. But R fixed that and it has a fresh sheet of plasterboard on ready for the plasterer to do his magic on Friday.

I have wanted a decent living room for years. Even in our other rented place, the living room was cold, damp and horrible. I am so excited and eager for it to be done. We won’t have a fire installed but that should be done by winter next year.

I never ever want my living room to look like this again!

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